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Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service

New Fire Prevention By-law 2017

A new Fire Prevention By-law 35/2017 has been passed by City Council and will be enforced as of July 26, 2017. New fees will take effect immediately.

The changes and additions to the by-law are as follows:

  • Removal of the fee schedule from the By-law.

  • The new By-law includes fees for industrial occupancy inspections.
    • F1 – High Hazard Industrial Occupancies have an existing fee of $191.00 per hour; annual inspection
    • F2 - Medium Hazard Industrial Occupancies; $160.00 per hour; inspection every 3 years
    • F3 - Low Hazard Industrial Occupancies $127.00 per hour; inspection every 5 years

  • The new by-law included fees for the inspections of illegal rooming houses of $100 per illegal room or suite with a minimum fee of $500.

  • The new By-law includes new requirements and an inspections schedule for mobile food service units that contain commercial cooking equipment, fuel fired appliances, propane tanks or generators. Fees are:
    • $150.00 for food trucks/trailers
    • $50.00 for carts
    • $102.00 for commissaries

  • The new By-law bans the use and release of sky lanterns within city limits due to the hazards these lanterns create when released in highly populated areas.

  • The new By-law is also prohibiting the installation of storage lockers in existing parking garages of multi-family dwellings (apartment blocks or condominium blocks) unless a storage space was part of the original design of the building.
    • Fire Prevention will require a stamped professional engineer's report assessing the use of the occupancy for code requirements and for the effectiveness of the sprinkler system if lockers were installed.

  • The new By-law allows the Director of Fire Prevention to change the duration of a service person's licence to reflect the provincial licence duration.

  • There is a new fee of $50.00 for the renewal of a service person licence that has expired.

  • The new By-law has made some changes to the label requirements for the inspections of fire protection/life safety installations specified in Schedule C.
    • Service personnel will be required to include their licence number on all servicing labels.
    • Label requirements include the requirement for the "deficiencies corrected" label to be printed in red ink to contrast with the rest of the label contents.

  • The new By-law requires that Flame Effects will require a display permit for a fee of $212.00.

  • The new By-law includes an offense for tampering with, damaging, destroying, disconnecting or removing any part of a fire protection system in a building.

  • The new By-law has changed the requirements to obtain a Fire Extinguisher Training Licence.
    • WFPS will offer a "Train the Trainer" course for a fee of $140.00. The completion of the course will qualify the participant to obtain a Fire Extinguisher Trainer licence.

  • Technical updates to Schedule C which include updates to referenced code articles and additional requirements for annual inspections of partial fire-service elevators in residential buildings exceeding six (6) stories that have been upgraded as per the Residential Fire Upgrading By-law 4304/86.

The Fire Prevention By-Law 2017 is available online at City Clerk’s Department – By-laws

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Last update: April 24, 2017