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City of Winnipeg
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Licensed backflow and cross-connection testers

The following is a list of backflow testers licensed by the City.

Backflow prevention devices that connect to the City water system must be tested annually by a backflow tester who has been licensed by the City.

The City does not guarantee, and does not accept any liability or responsibility for, work performed or other actions taken by licensed backflow testers.

Name Company Phone no.
Lamoureux, Tony Self Employed cell: 204-996-7706
Hlatky, Jason Ful-Flo Industries Ltd 204-633-4414
cell: 204-770-3252
Tomlinson, James Shorty's Plumbing and Heating 204-997-0806
Hurrell, Murray Self Employed 204-668-8623
cell: 204-226-0325
Yahiro, Chris Self Employed cell: 204-995-2301
Fontaine, Matthew Self Employed 204-471-0499
Berard, Kyle Vipond Fire Protection Inc. 204-998-9859
O'Connor, Michael Refresh Pipe Solutions Inc 204-294-6046
Gobeil, Patrick Wes-Man Mechanical Ltd. cell: 204-997-9230
Kaiser, Gordon Lowe Mechanical Services 204-292-0616
Vandevyvere, Matt Viking Fire Protection Inc. 204-777-5081
cell: 204-801-5153
Duncalfe, Kerry Duncalfe Mechanical 204-261-4840
cell: 204-510-1048
Dent, Alan Self Employed 204-452-5109
Besant, Andrew A & B Mechanical Ltd 204-471-5823
Arnel, Dennis Advance Mechanical Services Inc 204-668-2880
cell: 204-293-0441
Derksen, David Tech Air Ltd. 204-663-0423
cell: 204-793-2345
Scott, Lee J. Hansen & Son Ltd 204-290-4432
Murray, Kevin J. Hansen & Son Ltd 204-782-9204
Copet, Paul Denko Mechanical 204-612-8882
Rousseau, Paul Pro Mechanical Plumbing and Heating 204-235-0651
Pirotton, Nicholas Colin's Mechanical Service Ltd 204-231-0121
cell: 204-292-7144
Elford, Tom Self Employed 204-452-5588
Stokes, Trevor Self Employed 204-803-0434
Jorundson, Matt Self Employed 204-832-8926
cell: 204-990-6960
Buckley, James Troy Fire & Life Safety Ltd 204-667-8646
cell: 204-232-9446
Santos, Robert Duke Plumbing 204-632-4254
cell: 204-801-9658
Palahitski, Garry Palace Fire & Sprinkler 204-228-0061
McLeod, Shaun McLeod Mechanical Services 204-322-5611
cell: 204-513-1154
Desmarais, Claude Colin's Mechanical Service Ltd 204-257-8676
cell: 204-291-3454
Owens, Ross Self Employed 204-777-3888
cell: 204-770-3888
Walmsley, Mike Frontier Refrigeration and Mechanical Services 204-803-2561
Keena, Art Self Employed 204-918-1349
Scott, Brandon Scott Plumbing & Heating 204-299-8555
Bage, Justin Winnipeg Backflow Testing 204-997-7225
Kokan, Don Self Employed 204-589-2596
cell: 204-299-8208
Ongenae, AJ (Derek) Self Employed 204-792-4322
Dlugosz, Bart BDR Services 204-479-8216
Nilsson, Dylan Lowe Mechanical Services 204-223-2682
Knox, Kolin Loewen Mechanical 204-990-1728
cell: 204-793-0112
Kreviazuk, Rob Thor Plumbing & Heating 204-981-0537
Champagne, Claude Self Employed 204-330-3022
LaFreniere, Roland Rolly's Mechanical 204-510-4413
cell: 204-293-9958
McWhirter, Kallem A & B Mechanical Ltd 204-801-5885
Abel, Brad DLF Mechanical Ltd 204-299-9620
Yakiwchuk, Allan Self Employed 204-794-4870
Clemente, Ramon Self Employed 204-955-4566
Novicki, Mark Wescan Electrical Mechanical Services 204-787-7833
cell: 204-228-3408
Evans, George Armour Plumbing and Mechanical Ltd 204-771-2656
Anneck, Brian J. Hansen & Son Ltd 204-292-1305
Knight, Brad Knight Plumbing cell: 204-791-6070
Horodecki, Lyle Ful-Flo Industries Ltd 204-781-4716
cell: 204-391-2847
Tait, Rylan Self Employed 204-294-3655
Johnson, Kristofer Capitol Plumbing 204-801-7378
Forsythe, Rob RSF Plumbing 204-770-7663
Rebeck, Randy Rebeck Plumbing & Heating 204-509-1136
Boissonneault, Daniel AFM Mechanical Services Ltd 204-470-9965
Lehmann, Walter Frontier Refrigeration and Mechanical Services 204-694-2238
cell: 204-803-2825
Tench, Patrick Tench Plumbing and Heating 204-999-4569
Wade, Ralph Self Employed 204-806-4078
Jensen, Don East Kildonan Plumbing & Heating 204-470-6599
Tkach, Jason Self Employed 204-990-7925
Steckly, Dennis J. Hansen & Son Ltd 204-294-4909
Kalid, Bob R.J. Kalid & Sons P & H 204-668-0164
cell: 204-979-0614
Schalla, Rick Brookdale Plumbing & Heating Ltd. 204-223-1393
McGavock, Scott Troy Fire & Life Safety Ltd 204-333-9168
Bergman, Ronald R & M Plumbing & Heating Limited 204-981-8134
cell: 204-254-5574
Schalla, Brian Brookdale Plumbing & Heating Ltd. 204-771-0194
Christianson, Tim Monarch Mechanical Services 204-782-7006
Clark, Jim Ainsworth 204-390-1579
cell: 204-981-6624
Romaniuk, Darcey Self Employed 204-479-1223
Smith, Matt Derksen Plumbing & Heating 204-981-8334
Wilson, Alistair Self Employed 204-257-4190
cell: 204-509-4190
Zest, Jordan A & J Mechanical 204-229-5929
Deng, Wenkang Self Employed 204-474-7234
cell: 204-998-8722
Vick, Darrell LandShark Designs 204-955-7888
Cistarelli, Joe Winter's Plumbing & Heating 204-669-7976
Burns, Lyle Balcaen & Sons 204-475-1506
Fenton, Jody Vipond Fire Protection Inc. 204-990-5579
Fallis, Doug DKJ Mechanical (2000) Ltd 204-338-4927
cell: 204-771-9909
Charney, Ron Shandron Mechanical Systems 204-334-1704
cell: 204-981-2285
Tavares, Julian Tench Plumbing and Heating 204-995-8320
Ste Marie, Roger J. Hansen & Son Ltd 204-295-2052
Whitney, Darryll Howell Mechanical Co Ltd 204-232-3176
Jeanson, Marcel ABC Fire  Safety 204-799-5251
cell: 204-801-2355
Pochinko, Conrad Shandron Mechanical Systems 204-339-3833
cell: 204-451-3833
Funk, Wes Bestway Plumbing & Drain Services cell: 204-997-0249
Boychuk, Richard Self Employed 204-633-0907
Williment, Jeff Monarch Mechanical Services 204-782-7053
Glass, Jason Vipond Fire Protection Inc. 204-799-2315
Sigsworth, Colin Viking Fire Protection Inc. 204-295-6095
Cote, Matthew Self Employed 204-895-2419
Harrison, Goldwyn Mikkelsen Coward 204-287-8759
cell: 204-770-7565
Dziadyk, Ron Self Employed 204-255-5908
Palidwor, Don Oakwood Mechanical systems 204-794-1548
cell: 204-444-2318

List revised - January 25, 2017
Environmental Standards Division

Last updated: May 8, 2017