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Wally Watersaver with money image Water conservation

Toilet replacement credit program - residential
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Did you know...

Toilets account for 30% of an average home's indoor water use.

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Please use our payback calculator to see estimated annual water savings.

WaterSense is a United States Environmental Protection Agency sponsored partnership program that helps consumers identify water-efficient products. Products carrying the WaterSense label perform well, help save money and encourage innovation in manufacturing. WaterSense labelled toilets use 20 percent less water than single flush 6-litre toilets. WaterSense labelled toilets from our approved toilet list are either:

  • dual flush toilets which have two flush options; one lower volume flush (4 litres or less) for liquid and another larger volume flush (6 litres or less) for solid waste, or
  • single flush toilets (4.8 litres or less) to flush all waste.

No. This program is designed to replace existing inefficient toilets only. But we encourage new home builders to install WaterSense labelled and ENERGY STAR qualified products (e.g., WaterSense labelled toilets, showerheads, faucet aerators and ENERGY STAR qualified washing machines).

Yes, you are eligible for the credit if you:

  • live in a condominium unit with the City utility account in your name
  • are up-to-date with your utility bill payments
  • have an individual City water meter in place to measure the amount of water used for your unit only
  • meet the other program requirements

No. We encourage property managers and business owners to replace old water-guzzling toilets with WaterSense labelled toilets. Please use our payback calculator to see estimated annual water savings.

Yes, the dual flush credit program was in effect until December 31, 2010. Please submit your application and receipts at your earliest convenience.

No. The start date for the WaterSense labelled toilet credit program is January 1, 2011, as outlined in the amendments to the Residential Toilet Replacement Credit Program By-law approved by City Council on December 15, 2010.

When selecting which toilets to replace, consider toilets that are used more frequently and toilets that use the most water per flush. Pre-1980 toilets can use 23 litres per flush, and pre-1994 toilets can use 13 litres per flush. If you don't know the age of your toilet, markings are usually on the toilet bowl behind the seat or inside the toilet tank.

The approved toilet list is from WaterSense .

You can buy your new toilet from any retailer, as long as it is on our approved toilet list. All toilets with the WaterSense label are eligible for a credit.

Yes. Ask your contractor to clearly note the make, model name and model number of the WaterSense labelled toilet purchased and installed on the receipt or invoice, along with the company's or contractor's name and contact information. Contractors may not apply for the credit on your behalf.

Note: If a contractor installed your new toilet and recycled the old toilet, you are still responsible to get a recycling receipt or contractor letter with official letterhead stating your old toilet has been recycled at an approved recycling depot.

Yes, or you can hire a licensed plumber/contractor to perform the work for you. Simple toilet replacements do not require a plumbing permit. However, if you are renovating your house, you must apply for a building permit.

Yes. We will not process applications without a receipt marked "toilet" from one of the approved toilet recycling depots. Donating the old toilet to Habitat for Humanity Winnipeg ReStore or installing it in another property is not acceptable.

There are two ways you can recycle your old toilet - drop it off at a 4R Winnipeg Depot or arrange for curbside pickup.

  1. Drop off
    Residential customers can drop off old toilets at 4R Winnipeg Depots for free.

    Brady 4R Winnipeg Depot

    • Advise the traffic director that you are recycling a toilet.
    • The traffic director will confirm you have a toilet and will issue you a receipt.
    • Drop the toilet off in the ceramics and porcelain recycling area.
    • You must remove the plastic seat and all metal parts prior to recycling
    • There is no fee to recycle your toilet as this is an accepted material.
  2. Curbside pickup
    You can arrange for curbside recycling from either of the following organizations:

    • SSCOPE, Inc., a Winnipeg non-profit organization at 204-987-6300
    • Shurwood Forest Tree Service, a private contractor at 204-230-3474

    You must:

    • Pay a minimum donation or fee.
    • remove the plastic seat and all metal parts prior to recycling.
    • Leave the old toilet at the curb on the arranged date. The collector will remove up to two old toilets and take them to an approved toilet recycling depot. They will leave a receipt marked "toilet" in your mailbox.

The toilets will be crushed and used in road base. They are crushed to ensure they won't be installed again and lose the water conservation benefit.

If you would like in-store promotional materials, please email us with your request and we will contact you with further details. Include your contact information (e.g., telephone number, address) in the body of your message. You can expect a reply from us within two business days.

For more information:
  • Email us. Include your contact information (e.g., telephone number, address) in the body of your message. You can expect a reply from us within two business days.
  • Contact 311
Last updated: April 1, 2016