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City of Winnipeg
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Residential recycling report

With convenient "at your door" recycling available to all homes, Winnipeggers have diverted over 810,000 tonnes of material from the City’s landfill since 1995. The amount we're recycling is going up.

Tonnes of material recycled from City programs

  First quarter
(Jan - Mar)
Second quarter
(Apr - Jun)
Third quarter
(Jul - Sep)
Fourth quarter
(Oct - Dec)
Yearly total
(tonnes of material recycled)
2016 12,608 14,472 13,823 14,107 55,010
2015 12,786 14,427 14,282 14,202 55,697
2014 11,632 14,560 14,071 14,202 54,465
2013 11,777 14,240 13,613 14,018 53,648
2012 10,651 11,790 11,223 14,455 48,119
2011 10,700 11,998 11,295 11,878 45,871
2010 10,322 12,263 11,938 12,408 46,931
2009 9,915 11,800 11,121 11,389 44,225
2008 10,034 12,181 11,725 11,662 45,602
2007 9,693 11,691 10,688 11,815 43,887
This shows how much Winnipeggers have been recycling since 1997.
  • The blue box program was phased in across the city from the fall of 1995 to the spring of 1996.
  • 1997 was the first full year of recycling for single-family dwellings.
  • In November 2001, on-site recycling collection was made available to all multi-family dwellings, including apartments, condominiums and townhouses.
  • In September 2003, recycling became easier than ever. The list of recyclable items was expanded to include all plastic containers with a recycling triangle on the bottom of the container. And no more sorting. Cans, bottles, jars, containers, papers, magazines and cardboard can be tossed right into blue boxes and recycling bins.
  • In October 2012, we introduced automated recycling collection city-wide. We provided every single family home with a 240 litre recycling cart. From October to December 2012, we collected nearly 25% more recycling than during the same period in 2011.

We could always be recycling more—we have found that more than one million dollars worth of aluminum cans is going to the landfill each year.

image of Phil the blue box

Why should we recycle?

Recycling is good for Winnipeg and good for our environment. The more we recycle:

  • The less garbage we throw out.
    Less garbage means lower costs to collect garbage, and this could save you money on your property taxes.
  • The more energy we save.
    Making goods from recycled materials usually requires less energy than making goods from raw materials.
  • The more trees we leave standing in our forests.
    Every metric tonne of paper we recycle saves 17 trees from being cut down.
Last updated: March 7, 2018