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Active Transportation Network

Background to Active Transportation in Winnipeg

Cyclists on pathPublic awareness of and demand for Active Transportation (AT) facilities and programs has increased significantly in the last several years. This public demand is a result of the emergence of the issues of global warming because of increasing green house gas emissions as well as decreasing public health as a result of our sedentary life styles.

On January 25, 2006, Council approved the Active Transportation Study, dated February 2005, to serve as a resource in formulating future active transportation policies and programs for the City of Winnipeg. This AT Study made 36 recommendations within the following five broad principles:

  1. The City shall adopt active transportation principles as an integrated part of doing business.
  2. The City shall actively promote active transportation among staff and the citizens of Winnipeg.
  3. The City shall develop an active transportation strategy.
  4. The City shall be innovative and seek partnerships in funding and supporting AT facilities and programs.
  5. The City shall establish a comprehensive citywide network of active transportation facilities.

On April 25, 2007, Council adopted the Active Transportation Study Implementation Plan, dated February 26, 2007, which called for the following four actions:

1. Hire an Active Transportation Coordinator

The Active Transportation Study identified that a number of its recommendations, particularly with regards to programs and policies, require the dedication of an Active Transportation Coordinator. The Active Transportation Coordinator was hired in July 2007. A significant responsibility of this position is the implementation/coordination of policy, programs, education, promotion and funding activities including the preparation of reports to the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works. This individual fulfills a facilitation/coordination role with community groups and various City Departments and also supports and complements the work of the Active Transportation Advisory Committee .

2. Establish an Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC)

This Committee was formed in July 2007 and reports to the Director of Public Works for the purpose of providing advice and recommendations on Active Transportation policies, programs, priorities, facilities and standards.

The ATAC plays an important role in ensuring that the vision of an integrated and coordinated approach to Active Transportation is achieved and facilitates the implementation of the recommendations of the City of Winnipeg Active Transportation Study.

3. Build Awareness and Foster Dialogue Regarding Active Transportation

A key aspect of many of the 36 recommendations of the City of Winnipeg Active Transportation Study is the need to inform the public about Active Transportation and, wherever possible and appropriate, provide an opportunity for public input. Public consultation of this nature is consistent with the recommendations of the Red Tape Commission report, in terms of improved customer service, increased stakeholder consultation and improved responsiveness to the community.

4. Develop a Detailed Action Plan With Time Frames

The implementation of the recommendations of the City of Winnipeg Active Transportation Study will deliver on a vision for Active Transportation in Winnipeg. These recommendations need to be translated into a more specific and detailed action plan with identification of responsibilities and time frames for implementation with a public consultation component. The action plan is appended to this report.

Last update: December 18, 2017