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Insect Control

Did you know?

Did you know?

Insects have been around for 350 million years while humans have been around for approximately 10,000 years.
There are nearly one million kinds (species) of insects, with many thousands or even millions, yet to be discovered.
Insects make up about 60% of all known animals.
At least one-third of the insects are in the order Coleoptera - the beetles.
Less than 5% of the insect species are considered harmful.
In many countries and cultures, insects are eaten because of their high protein content.
Many insects are valuable to us since they pollinate many of the fruits and vegetables we eat.
Insects play an important role in the balance of nature.
Only female mosquitoes bite.
A bee can sting only one time and then dies when it removes it's stinger.
The skeleton of an insect is on the outside of the body, unlike a human's skeleton, which is inside the body.
Many insects smell with their antennae.
Insects are cold-blooded creatures.
All insects have three pairs of jointed legs.
The time required to complete one life cycle in insects can vary from a few days to as long as seventeen years.
In some species, eggs can complete development without being fertilized. This is known as parthenogenetic reproduction.
It is not unusual for an insect to be able to lift 50 or more times its own weight.
If humans had the same relative jumping ability as a flea, they could broad jump 215 metres and high jump 140 metres.
Spiders are not insects, they are arachnids.

Last update: September 11, 2015
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