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Public Works

Saskatchewan Avenue Road Reconstruction and Sturgeon Creek Culvert Replacement

Saskatchewan Avenue is a regional street in the City’s North West Quadrant crossing Sturgeon Creek over a box culvert. The box culvert has been found to be hydraulically deficient to handle Sturgeon Creek flows in spring run-off and heavy rain event conditions. Between Cavalier Street and Hamilton Avenue the road is in fair to poor condition. A study is required to develop a preliminary design for replacement of the culvert with a high-level bridge, and re-construction of the road.

June 2017 Update

A hydrogeological study is underway, and next steps include detailed design for road reconstruction and culvert replacement.

October 2016 Update

Thank you to all who attended the open house on October 19, 2016. Approximately 40 Winnipeg residents attended and we have received 16 feedback surveys so far. If you did not get a chance to attend the open house, please provide your feedback online through a survey. Online survey responses will be accepted until Wednesday November 2, 2016.

Proposed Design Concept Aerial View 3D Image:

Proposed Design Concept Aerial View 3D Image

Project Timeline




In 1962, a two-cell concrete box culvert with concrete sloped wing walls was constructed to provide adequate flow of Sturgeon Creek under Saskatchewan Avenue. The aging culvert is considered to be in fair to poor condition with concrete deterioration and severe scour damage on the downstream wingwalls and creek. It is also hydraulically deficient, as overtopping of the road has occurred on several occasions in the past. At this location, Saskatchewan Avenue has two traffic lanes and no sidewalk.

This study will consist of a hydraulic investigation and analysis of Sturgeon Creek to determine the size and type of the hydraulic opening, geotechnical investigations and analyses of its banks and the roadway, and development of structure replacement and road reconstruction concepts. The public will have an opportunity to provide feedback during this phase of the project. A preferred alternative will be selected. Options currently thought to be feasible include realignment of Saskatchewan Avenue to the South at the bridge location, and construction of a single or three-span bridge over Sturgeon Creek. The details of the options will be refined as the study progresses.

The primary objective of the project is to develop a preferred preliminary design which improves the flow of Sturgeon Creek, prevents Saskatchewan Avenue from flooding and improves its road condition, and at the same time expanding the City’s multi-use path network, with enhancements to pedestrian and cycling facilities along Sturgeon Creek, and Saskatchewan Avenue.


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Open House Announcement 2016-10-05 Community Letters
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Sturgeon Creek Presentation Boards 2016-10-14 Story Boards
Proposed Design Concept Aerial View 3D image 2016-10-14 Miscellaneous Communications


Thank you to all who attended the open house on October 19, 2016 or submitted a survey online or in-person.

If you have additional comments or questions, please contact / 204-944-9907.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What impacts are expected during bridge and road construction?
The City will work to mitigate construction impacts as much as possible. During the bridge and road construction work, the primary impact will be the temporary road closure of Saskatchewan Avenue between Cavalier Drive and Hamilton Avenue. Residents should expect increased vehicular traffic on Hamilton Avenue and some residential streets due to re-routing of traffic.
When will construction begin? And how long will construction take?
Construction is anticipated to begin in the late fall of 2017 for a period of one year.
What route will construction vehicles take?
The construction vehicles will use Saskatchewan Avenue.
How will active transportation be incorporated into this project?
Road and bridge improvement projects have been identified as an excellent opportunity to expand Winnipeg’s pedestrian and cycling facilities. With work occurring to replace the bridge structure, there is an opportunity to incorporate a concrete sidewalk on the new bridge connecting to the Sturgeon Creek Greenway multi-use pathway as well as extending west towards Cavalier Drive. Upgrades to the informal riverbank trail on the west side of Sturgeon Creek to connect with the multi-use pathway at Ness Ave are also proposed.
What will be done to protect environmentally sensitive areas and Sturgeon Creek?

Best management practices for working near waterways that include the appropriate implementation of soil erosion control measures will be followed. Exposed slopes not covered with rock will be revegetated. Riverbank below the multi-use pathway will be a naturalized area to the extent that it currently is and maybe expanded up to the pathway where revegetation is needed.

Construction activity will not occur between April 1 and June 15 in any year. Construction will occur in late fall and winter period when water levels are lowest and the potential for runoff is reduced and thereby minimizing water management requirements.


Heavy rainfall causing flooding and high Sturgeon Creek exit velocity out of Saskatchewan Ave. culvert.

Heavy rainfall creating whirlpool effect in Sturgeon Creek between the CN Rail Bridge and Saskatchewan Ave. culvert.

Last update: May 11, 2017