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Public Works

Waverley Underpass Project

The Waverley Underpass Project will include replacement of the existing at-grade railway crossing at Waverley and Taylor with an underpass, along with reconstruction and rehabilitation of Waverley Street. Taylor Avenue, between Waverley Street and Lindsay Street, will also be expanded to four lanes. This project will not only improve traffic flow but will also enhance safety, mobility and capacity as well as active transportation within the project area. A preliminary design study was completed in 2015, and the project is now moving ahead with construction.


Update April 2018:

Spring is here and work on the Waverley Underpass project continues. Work on the bridge and pump station occurred over this past winter, and will continue into the fall of 2018. A busy summer of road work is ahead of us, with roadwork planned on Taylor, Hurst and at the intersections of Waverley at Wilkes and at Taylor. Traffic will continue to operate on the detour road throughout the summer. Please note that temporary lane and sidewalk closures will continue to occur during construction. For more information, see "Construction Update #5" under the Documents tab.

Update December 2017:

The Waverley Underpass project is moving along smoothly, and remains within budget and on schedule. Works completed to date include the road and rail detours, and the renewal of Waverley north of Mathers up to and including the Grant intersection. With traffic operating on the temporary detour road and trains on the rail detour, construction of the rail bridge can now occur. During winter 2017/2018 several areas within the project will be under construction including the rail bridge, pump station and underground works on Taylor Avenue. Traffic will operate on the detour road throughout this phase. Please note that temporary lane and sidewalk closures will continue to occur during construction of the Waverley Underpass project. For more information, please see Construction Update #4.

Update November 2017:

Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians traveling in the vicinity of the Waverley Underpass project from Wednesday, November 1 until Friday, November 3 can expect additional travel delays as the rail detour is implemented at the at-grade railway crossing on Waverley Street just south of Taylor Avenue to facilitate further construction of the underpass.

Construction of the rail detour, called a "shoofly," is almost complete and from about Wednesday, November 1 to Friday, November 3, trains will be transitioning from the CN mainline over to the shoofly. This work will involve passage of specialized equipment and workers through the crossing. During this time, additional delays over and above the usual delays caused by daily train traffic at this location can be expected.

Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are reminded to refrain from queuing or stopping on the tracks, and to always come to a stop in advance of flashing bells and gates when trains are approaching.

Motorists are encouraged to plan their travel routes, use the Waze app for real-time traffic and incident updates, and to allow additional time to get to their destinations while the rail detour is implemented.

Update September 2017:

Refer to Construction Update #3. In order to complete construction of the detour road and active transportation path, the Waverley Underpass project area will be closed to all vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists from Friday, September 29 at 5:30 p.m. to Monday, October 2 at 6 a.m. The road, sidewalks and active transportation pathways will be closed within the following boundaries:

  • Waverley Street between Wilkes Avenue/Hurst Way and Mathers Avenue
  • Taylor Avenue between Cambridge Street and east of the western Reh-Fit Centre parking lot access

View this closure on a map.

Immediately following this weekend closure, traffic will begin operating on the new detour road. Cyclists and pedestrians will be able to access the new detour active transportation path. As part of the new detour, some turning movements will be restricted for traffic including:

  • Eastbound Taylor at Waverley (detour) must turn right
  • Northbound Waverley (detour) at Taylor, no left turn
  • Southbound Waverley at Taylor, no left turn

View the detour road on a map or view a video of the new detour.

For Transit re-route and schedule information, visit

Update July 2017:

The City has launched a travel time information system to help drivers anticipate and avoid delays caused by train crossings and construction while the Waverley Underpass Project is underway. Travel time information will be relayed to drivers in real-time on an electronic message board on northbound Waverley Street in advance of McGillivray so motorists can consider alternate routes.

Construction of the Waverley Underpass is in full swing and as construction progresses, there will be phases of work that require lane closures and traffic restrictions in order to complete the work. In addition, delays caused by train traffic will continue to occur until the underpass opens to traffic.

A network of sensors will be used to detect the presence of trains and vehicular traffic, and predict travel times for northbound Waverley traffic from McGillivray Boulevard to Taylor Avenue. Detection of inbound train traffic will allow predictive algorithms to forecast rail-induced delays on Waverley Street before they occur. This travel time information will be relayed to drivers in real-time on an electronic message board installed northbound Waverley in advance of McGillivray. The system will remain in place for the duration of the Waverley Underpass Project.

Update May 2017:

Preliminary underground works including installation of construction fencing and land drainage pipes on Waverley are substantially complete.

Between the Spring and Fall of 2017 several portions of the project will be under construction. These include: road and rail detours, intersection improvements at Grant & Waverley and Wilkes & Waverley and the rehabilitation of Waverley between Mathers and Grant.

For more information, please see Construction Update #2.

Update February 2017:

Construction is underway on preliminary works required to be in place prior to starting construction on the detour road and rail, which include construction fencing and installation of land drainage pipes adjacent to Waverley and an outfall to the pond west of Grant Memorial Church.

Between the Spring and Fall of 2017, several portions of the project will be under construction. These include road and rail detours, Grant and Waverley intersection improvements and rehabilitation of Waverley between Mathers and Grant.

For more detailed information, please see Construction Update #1.

Update November 2016:

The online survey is now closed. A public engagement summary will be posted online before the end of 2016. Detailed design work for this project is nearing completion. Preliminary underground construction will begin in early 2017, with more visible road and rail construction anticipated for spring of 2017. Project updates will be available on this website as construction progresses.

Update October 2016:

Two detailed design open house sessions were held on October 6, 2016. Approximately 500 Winnipeg residents attended the open house sessions. We received 48 exit surveys at the open house and an additional 86 online so far. Survey responses will be accepted until October 31, 2016.

Update September 2016:

The detailed design process for the project is currently underway. An Open House Event will be held on Thursday, October 6, 2016. The open house boards can be viewed in advance of the event.

Project Timeline

Project at a Glance


Due to rapid growth in the southwest quadrant of the City and increasing traffic congestion due to heavy train operations, upgrading the Waverley crossing of the CNR Rivers rail line has become a priority in recent years. With approximately 30,000 vehicles and between 35 and 40 train movements passing through the intersection daily, the Waverley rail crossing has become a major bottleneck.

In early 2014, the City of Winnipeg initiated a preliminary design study for the Waverley Underpass Project. The project team was tasked with developing a high level design for a grade separation of Waverley Street and the CNR Rivers rail line. The design also includes intersection and road improvements within close proximity of the project area, primarily along Waverley Street. Based on traffic modeling, the transportation study, public engagement, and the existing constraints, the design team developed a draft concept for the underpass structure, roadway upgrades, and intersection improvements: Draft Concept Map. This concept has been further refined through the detailed design process: Detailed Design Maps for Waverley and Taylor.

The primary objective of the project is to provide a grade separated crossing of Waverley Street at the CNR Rivers Rail Line, and improve the transportation network in the vicinity of the project area.


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Construction Update #5 2018-04-16 Newsletter


Two open house sessions were held on October 6, 2016.

Online surveys were accepted until October 31, 2016. We received feedback through 107 online surveys and 49 exit surveys. Feedback is currently being considered and a summary of the engagement process will be posted online before the end of 2016.

For further information, to provide your feedback, or to sign up for future project updates you may contact 311, or contact:

David Marsh, Dillon Consulting Limited
Phone: 204-453-2301, Extension 4094

Sign up for the City of Winnipeg public engagement newsletter to stay updated on engagement activities you may be interested in.


Frequently Asked Questions

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When will this be built?
Construction started in January 2017 beginning with utility relocations. Road and rail detours will be constructed over the summer and fall of 2017. Construction will be complete by December 2019 with some minor work such as landscaping continuing into 2020.
Will I still be able to use Waverley and Taylor?
Both Waverley Street and Taylor Avenue will remain open to traffic during construction via a detour. In order to have the detour operate at maximum capacity, there will be selected turning restrictions in place while the detour is in operation. For example, eastbound traffic on Taylor Avenue will be required to turn southbound on Waverley Street. Please see the detour map for more information. Motorists are encouraged to find alternate routes.
How much is this going to cost?
Total project budget is approximately $155 million. This is a class 3 estimate (accurate within +30% to -20% of the final construction cost).
How will the project be paid for?
The project will be funded by the City of Winnipeg, the Province of Manitoba and the Government of Canada. CN will also be contributing financially to the City’s share of the project.
Can the rail line be moved out of the city?
Relocating rail lines is a long term concept that would require consensus from a multitude of stakeholders. The City needs to move forward now to accommodate the rapid growth in the southwest quadrant of the City and to alleviate the increasing traffic congestion in this area due to heavy train operations. Building the underpass will not prevent discussions in regards to rail relocation.
Will properties be required, either during construction or post-construction?
The vast majority of the project can be built on City owned land and right-of-way. However, temporary construction easements and small parcels of land are needed for the construction of this project. In order to ensure we meet the project timelines, property has been expropriated. We continue to work with affected land owners to address specific issues related to their property.
How will transit be affected?
Bus routes and bus stops will be relocated or rerouted during construction. Please see the following links for the proposed temporary and permanent locations of transit routes and stops before, during, and after construction.
How will active transportation facilities be affected?
A temporary active transportation pathway will be provided on the west side of the roadway detour to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists during construction. The final configuration of active transportation pathways is shown on the overall concept map, and features pathways on both sides of Waverley Street, as well as a new pathway on the north side of Taylor Avenue.
Was an overpass considered?
An overpass was considered early on in the design process. However, due to heights, clearance requirements, property impacts, and other engineering constraints, this option was deemed not feasible.
What are the environmental impacts?
There are no environmental impacts of note that would result from this project. Soil sampling within the proposed underpass area indicates no issues of concern, and is consistent with Manitoba Conservation regulations. The project would also involve reconstruction of the existing rail bed and replacement of the rail tracks in the study area with seamless rail, which may decrease vibration and noise from rail activities.
Will traffic increase as a result of this project?
The results of the transportation study and traffic modeling indicate that traffic as a whole may increase due to overall growth in the southwest quadrant of the city. However, traffic is expected to flow much better due to the elimination of the congestion caused by trains, resulting in an improvement to traffic in the area overall.
Will the project involve changes to street function and design in River Heights, such as the current one-way designation on Waverley north of Grant?
No changes are proposed for the existing street functions and patterns in River Heights.
Is a Sterling Lyon connection to Taylor or Pembina still being considered?
No, this option was examined by the City of Winnipeg, and is no longer being considered. The Waverley location continues to be the preferred rail crossing location, and has been identified as a potential crossing location since at least the early 1970s. The right-of way and property required for the Waverley Underpass is largely assembled, and would have minimal property impacts. In addition, there is an existing agreement in place with CN Rail for a grade separated rail crossing at Waverley, which obligates the railway to pay for a portion of the crossing.
Will the four-way stop at the intersection of Taylor Avenue and Borebank Street remain in effect after construction?
Yes, the existing four-way stop at the intersection of Taylor Avenue and Borebank Street will remain in effect once the twinning of Taylor Avenue between Lindsay Street and Waverley Street is complete.
Will Lindsay Street be widened or modified as part of this project?
No, there are no plans to do any work on Lindsay Street as part of the Waverley Underpass project.
I live south of the CN rail line, and noticed that when travelling northbound on Waverley Street I will not be able to turn left (westbound) to Taylor Avenue while the detour is in operation. How will I access businesses on the south side of Taylor Avenue (west of Waverley Street) during construction?
Motorists coming from the south side of the CN rail line and wishing to visit businesses along Taylor Avenue between Kenaston Boulevard and Waverley Street are encouraged to travel northbound on Kenaston Boulevard, go under the Kenaston Underpass, and then proceed eastbound on Taylor Avenue to reach their destination.


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