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Nuisance Mosquito Fogging Program

During a Fogging program the IMAs to be fogged will be announced at least 8 hours in advance of fogging operations. Weather permitting, fogging would occur daily from 9:30pm to 6:30am.

The City of Winnipeg controls adult mosquitoes along streets and lanes, City parks, golf courses, cemeteries and rights-of-way within the City boundaries using Malathion® ULV (Malathion) and Pyrocide® 7067 ULV (pyrethrins with piperonyl butoxide) for ultra low volume applications (ULV); Permanone® (permethrin) for residual treatments.

Citizens can register for notifications using the following link: Mosquito Control Program Notification  

Spraying Schedule: Fogging has yet to begin for 2015

Areas to be treated for Nuisance Mosquitoes Areas to be treated  
Areas previously treated for Nuisance Mosquitoes Areas previously treated  


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Mosquito Fogging Program Area Map

Fogging Schedule

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Nuisance Fogging Program Archives

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*Program was unnecessary


Last update: January 12, 2015