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Park Rentals - Fireworks

Please allow 10 business days to process. The exact location of where the fireworks are going to be discharged must be supplied in order to start the park permitting process.


  • High Hazard permits can only be applied for by going to:
    The Fire Department
    Fire Prevention
    2nd Floor, 185 King Street
    Winnipeg, MB
    R3B 1J1
    Insurance Requirements

  • Low Hazard permits can be picked up at:
    Any Community Fire Station.
    There is no charge for a Consumer Fireworks Display Permit
    More information and Fire Station locations are in the following brochure:
    Consumer Fireworks Display Permit Application and Information

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How do I determine what kind of permit I require?

High Hazard fireworks in City Parks or on Community Centre property include:

  • Pyrotechnics displays
  • Display provided by commercial company

Low Hazard fireworks in City Parks or on Community Centre property include:

  • Fireworks purchased at a local store
  • Service not provided by commercial company

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Applying for a High Hazard Permit:

  1. Complete steps one through four of the Park Rental Process (click here)
  2. You will receive a copy of your tentative park rental permit
  3. Rental is considered tentative until permission is granted for fireworks display
  4. The Park Booking Clerk will request permission for high hazard fireworks from the parks area superintendent
  5. If approved the permit will be processed
  6. You will be contacted if permission is not granted
  7. You are responsible for providing the fireworks contractor with a copy of approved permission application. Contractor must have a copy of this approval in order for them to apply for a High Harzard Event Display Approval. (attention fireworks contractors: click here for an Insurance information)
  8. You will receive a copy of your approval permit upon High Harzard Event Display Approval.

Your permit will be cancelled if application for High Harzard Event Display Approval was not filed at least 2 weeks prior to event.

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