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Parking Ban Descriptions

1. Residential (Know Your Zone!)
Usually two or three times per year a residential parking ban is called to facilitate the City's snow clearing operation. All residential streets have been assigned to a snow zone. Each snow zone will be identified by a letter of the alphabet. It's important that all city residents become familiar with their zone. You can look up your residential street snow zone with our address lookup tool or by contacting 311.

DECLARATION - Assignment of Streets to Snow Clearing Zones

Zones will be plowed in 12 hour shifts:

  • Day Shift - 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Night Shift - 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Under normal conditions, it is expected that the residential plowing operation will be completed in approximately five shifts.

The City will announce when the snow zone plow schedule is available prior to a residential plow operation. Once the plow has been scheduled, you can check this website, or contact 311.

Vehicles parked in violation of the residential parking ban will receive a $150 ticket ($75 if paid early), and may be towed to a nearby street that is not scheduled to be plowed or that has already been cleared.

If your vehicle has been towed, please call 311 for its location.

2. Annual Snow Route

From December 1 to March 1 each and every year in Winnipeg the annual snow route parking ban is in effect. Vehicles may not park on designated snow routes between the hours of 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. This increases the banned parking an extra hour to 7 a.m. from 6 a.m. in previous years.

DECLARATION - Designation of Snow Routes

It is essential that these priority streets are kept clear of snow to ensure the fast, safe movement of emergency vehicles (ambulance, fire and police).

When you need emergency services, you want them to be able to get to you as quickly as possible. This is one of the reasons this parking ban is so important to everyone.

Vehicles parked in violation of the annual snow route parking ban will receive a ticket in the amount of $100 ($50 if paid early), and may be towed to the towing company's compound.

Snow routes are clearly marked with signs like this:

snow route sign 2 snow route sign
3. Declared Snow Route

The City of Winnipeg Public Works Department will determine when additional overnight plowing is required on snow routes after a snowfall. The implementation of this ban extends the annual snow route parking ban by two hours, so when it is declared, vehicles are prohibited from parking on snow routes from Midnight to 7 a.m.

Residents should be aware that this ban may be declared following snow events of significant accumulation. You can always check here or contact 311. Vehicles parked in violation of the declared parking ban will receive a $100 ticket ($50 if paid early), and may be towed to the towing company's compound.

4. Snow Emergency

The Mayor may declare a snow emergency at any time which will prompt a snow emergency parking ban prohibiting parking on snow routes.

No tickets are issued under this ban, however vehicles will be towed out of the way of snow plows to nearby locations. Once again, vehicle owners can contact 311 to find out the location of their vehicle.

5. Temporary No Parking

Occasionally, individual streets may require additional snow removal work. Temporary "No Parking" signs are posted when streets require snow removal. Vehicles parked in violation of the ban may be ticketed and towed.

snow route sign

Effective Winter Snow Clearing Mission It is our duty to help you understand changes to the City of Winnipeg Winter Parking Bans. Ultimately our goal is to keep Winnipeg streets clear and safe for all traffic including emergency vehicles. We need your help to make this operation run smoothly. And to prevent you from being ticketed and towed! We pride ourselves in being an efficient tactical unit, at the ready to clear snow from city streets during the winter.
When vehicles are parked in violation of the regulations, it impacts the snow clearing operation and that's not good for anyone. No one wants to see streets that are only partially cleared as a result of parked vehicles in the way.

Last update: 01.11.2013

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