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Planning, Property and Development

Heritage Conservation

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The City provides heritage conservation services to promote the long-term conservation of heritage assets (buildings, structures, and spaces) in Winnipeg.


The Fire Risk Indices for the Application to the Rehabilitation and Re-Use of Existing Buildings in Manitoba for Residential and Business and Personal Services Occupancies.
Building analysis, for compliance with life safety provisions of the MBC, for the conversion of existing and heritage buildings for Residential and Business and Personal Services occupancies.
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Heritage conservation tools and strategies include:

Bawlf Block
  • Incentive programs
  • Designation of districts or areas
  • Changes to regulations
  • Clear design standards
  • Principled design review processes
  • Improving the suitability of heritage buildings for occupancy by City services and departments
  • Public awareness and education strategies
Overview of Heritage Conservation in Winnipeg

Empire Hotel
  • Historical development patterns have left Winnipeg with an extensive stock of older commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional structures. Many of these structures are located in the city.
  • These structures represent a significant physical and cultural resource that can continue to provide a base for economic development, affordable housing, and heritage conservation. However, the stock is large, it is aging at a relatively uniform pace, and it is subject to market conditions that could readily marginalize its value in the absence of appropriate support and management. 
  • Over the last twenty years, both the public and private-sectors have worked to preserve heritage structures within and outside the city's historic area, the Exchange District.
  • Like other major urban municipalities in Canada, the City must make a strong commitment to heritage conservation to maximize the benefits and to avoid blight and abandonment of these older structures.

NOW-Neighbourhoods of Winnipeg History
Visit the map to find Winnipeg Heritage Buildings and Historical resources throughout Winnipeg's 236 neighbourhoods

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