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General Golf Information

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Alcohol :
  • All Lotteries and Gaming Authority regulations apply
  • Liquor is served daily from 11 am and only liquor purchased from the golf course is allowed on the golf course. Violators may have their alcohol confiscated or be asked to leave the golf course and/or be subject to prosecution.
  • Beverage carts operate, weather permitting, daily from 11 am
Non-Golfer :
  • Non-golfers are allowed to accompany any paid player on the golf course provided they register with the Pro Shop staff informing them of their intention to accompany a paid player.
  • Non-golfers do not pay a green fee but must rent an auto cart for their use while on the course. Single rider rates do not apply.
  • Non-golfers are not allowed to play golf while on the course and must stay in the auto cart at all times.
  • Auto cart rental regulations apply
  • All non-golfers must abide by the local rules and regulations and golf etiquette.
Disabled Golfers :
  • Disabled golfers who require assistance to golf may apply to Winnipeg Golf Services in writing for permission to have a spotter or assistant accompany them while on the golf course. There will be no charge for the spotter /assistant but the golfer pays the necessary green fee.
  • Disabilities include activity restrictions due to:
    • ambulatory disabilities,
    • sensory loss of hearing, sight, communication or
    • co-ordination and cognitive dysfunction.
Use of Disability Auto Carts:
  • Disabled golfers who require the use a specialized auto cart designed specifically for golfers with disabilities must first gain approval from Winnipeg Golf Services before using such an auto cart at either Kildonan Park, Windsor Park or Crescent Drive Golf Courses
  • Those wishing to use a specialized auto cart must sign a liability waiver and pay the applicable trail fee prior to the start of each round
Dress Code :
  • Golfers are expected to wear proper golf attire at all times including a shirt, suitable shorts or slacks, and appropriate footwear.
  • Golf course staff have the authority to refuse entry by improperly dressed golfers.
Memberships :
At present, memberships are not available at the Kildonan Park, Windsor Park or Crescent Drive Golf Courses.
Slow Play :
  • An 18 hole game of golf should take no longer than 4 hours to play - 2 hours per 9 holes.
  • Players should play without delay, keeping a safe distance and proper pace behind the group ahead.
  • Players should be ready to play when it is their turn.
  • Players should try and limit the number of practice swings to 2 or 3 before playing their shot.
  • When on the putting green, players should line up their putt while their partner(s) are putting.
Etiquette :
  • No one should move, talk or stand too close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.
  • No players shall play before the group in front are safely out of range.
  • A player searching for a ball should signal the players behind to play through after 5 minutes of searching for the lost ball.
  • When the play or hole is completed, players should immediately leave the putting green.
  • A golfer on the course by himself/herself shall have no priority on the course and should give way to a group of golfers.
Hole-in-One :
  • Players who score a hole-in-one are required to complete a "Hole-In-One" form in the clubhouse immediately after the completion of their round. The player must have a least one witness to verify the achievement.
  • Golf Services will send the player a certificate and key chain commemorating his/her achievement shortly after the player scores his/her hole-in-one.
  • Golf Services will also forward information on the players achievement to several of the local papers and radio stations.
Auto Carts in Inclement Weather :
  • During periods of inclement weather auto carts may not be operating. During these periods golfers who have a handicap and require an auto cart to golf will be allowed to rent an auto cart provided they provide medical documentation from their medical practitioner.

Last update: May 15, 2014

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