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City of Winnipeg
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Planning, Property & Development

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Municipally Designated Sites in Winnipeg

Nominated List of Historical Resources

List updated: Mon 12/11/2017

St Name    St Num    Name    Construction Date    Short Report    Map    
Adelaide Street 52 Douglas and Company Building 1910 N/A Map
Albert Street 58 Joseph A. Lozo Locksmith Shop (Albert Street Burger) 1921 N/A Map
Anderson Avenue 135 St. John's Anglican Cathedral 1926 N/A Map
Annabella Street 90 J.R. Watkins Company Factory & Warehouse 1918 N/A Map
Bannatyne Avenue 750 Manitoba Medical College (University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine) 1905 N/A Map
Broadway 194 Manitoba Club 1904 N/A Map
Broadway 333 Monarch Life Building 1960 N/A Map
Burrows Avenue 405 Manitoba Telephone System - St. John's Exchange 1910 N/A Map
Chancellors Circle 66 University of Manitoba, Administration Building 1911-1913 N/A Map
Church Avenue 259 Church Block Apartments 1912 N/A Map
Dafoe Road 83 J. A. Russell Building (Architecture) - University of Manitoba 1959 N/A Map
De La Cathedrale Avenue 151 Archbishop's Residence 1864 N/A Map
De La Cathedrale Avenue 200 St. Boniface College 1911 N/A Map
Donald Street 335 Masonic Temple 1895 N/A Map
Edmonton Street 400 Knox United (Presbyterian) Church 1913 N/A Map
Garry Street 115 Hudson's Bay Company Stables 1911 N/A Map
Gertrude Avenue 549 Trinity Baptist Church 1909 N/A Map
Henderson Highway 0 Pillars at Henderson Hwy. and Hazel Dell Ave. 1936c N/A Map
Henderson Highway 0 Pillars at Henderson Hwy. and Helmsdale Ave. 1928c N/A Map
James Avenue 110 Ryan Brothers Building 1910 N/A Map
James Avenue 130 Burrows, Stewart & Milne Company Warehouse 1910 N/A Map
James Avenue 132 Richards and Brown Warehouse 1911 N/A Map
King Street 124 Carruthers Building 1916 N/A Map
Lombard Avenue 93 Crane-Ordway Building 1906 N/A Map
Lombard Avenue 185 Great West Life Building Annex 1900 N/A Map
Main Street 480 Ashdown's Hardware Store Annex 1952 N/A Map
Main Street 554 McLaren Hotel 1910 N/A Map
Main Street 607 Mindell Block 1925 N/A Map
Main Street 782 International Harvester Building 1904 N/A Map
Main Street 1175 Holy Trinity Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church 1949-1952 N/A Map
Main Street 2373 Kildonan School (Nisbet Hall) 1865 N/A Map
Market Avenue 133 A Macdonald Company Warehouse 1946 N/A Map
Market Avenue 139 Steele Briggs Building 1912 N/A Map
Market Avenue 145 Stanley Brock Building 1916 N/A Map
McDermot Avenue 222 Silvester-Wilson Building 1904 N/A Map
McGregor Street 115 St. Vladimir & Olga Church & Parish Hall 1941 (parish hall) & 1947 (church) N/A Map
Nassau Street N 130 St. Luke's Anglican Church 1904 N/A Map
Notre Dame Avenue 216 Oxford Hotel 1905 N/A Map
Notre Dame Avenue 245 Christie Block 1906 N/A Map
Osborne Street 100 Osborne River Building 1909 N/A Map
Pacific Avenue 209 Johnstone Block 1910 N/A Map
Portage Avenue E 166 Manitoba Telephone System Building 1930 N/A Map
Portage Avenue 0 Gate at Portage Ave. and Woodhaven Blvd. 1960 N/A Map
Portage Avenue 0 Pillars at Portage Ave. and Overdale St. 1911 N/A Map
Portage Avenue 0 Pillars at Portage Ave. and Moorgate St. 1912 N/A Map
Portage Avenue 0 Pillars at Portage Ave. and Duffield St. 1911 N/A Map
Portage Avenue 0 Pillar at Portage Ave. and Country Club Blvd. 1912c N/A Map
Portage Avenue 294 Somerset Building 1906 N/A Map
Portage Avenue 424 Singer Sewing Machine Building 1930 N/A Map
Portage Avenue 450 Hudson's Bay Company Store 1926 N/A Map
Portage Avenue 639 Monte Cassino Court (Nat/Com Building) 1907 & 1910 N/A Map
Portage Avenue 3180 Assiniboia Municipal Hall (St. James-Assiniboia Museum) 1911 Short Report Map
Princess Street 85 Hallmark Restaurant 1959 N/A Map
Princess Street 87 Kilgour-Rimer Block & Canada Rubber Building 1901 N/A Map
Princess Street 103 G.F. & J. Galt Block 1887 N/A Map
Princess Street 238 Cockshutt Plow Company Building 1902 N/A Map
Roslyn Road 1 Locarno Apartments 1929 N/A Map
Roslyn Road 80 Rossmore Apartments 1929 N/A Map
Roslyn Road 218 Walter P. Moss (Max Kantor and Mireille Granpierre-Kantor) House 1917 N/A Map
Ross Avenue 306 Leadlay Building 1905 N/A Map
Ross Avenue 311 Paulin-Chambers Building 1905 N/A Map
Ross Avenue 312 Trees-Spriggs Building 1905 N/A Map
St Mary Avenue 333 T. Eaton Company Mail Order & Catalogue Building 1916 & 1920 N/A Map
St Mary's Road 0 Pillars at St. Mary's Rd. and West Fernwood Ave. 1928 N/A Map
St Mary's Road 40 Buena Vista Apartments 1928 N/A Map
Stafford Street 161 Grosvenor Court 1909 N/A Map
Tache Avenue 409 St. Boniface Hospital 1914 N/A Map
Tache Avenue 866 St. Boniface Booster Station 1918 N/A Map
Tuxedo Avenue 139 Manitoba Agricultural College (Administration Building, Main Gates & Powerhouse) Admin Building, 1905-1906; Gates, 1905; Power house, 1921 N/A Map
Tylehurst Street 525 St. James Anglican Church 1853 N/A Map
Wellington Crescent 550 St. Mary's Academy 1902 & 1909 N/A Map
West Fernwood Avenue 0 Pillars at West Fernwood Ave. and Bronstone Blvd. 1928 N/A Map
William Avenue 288 Soudack Building 1947 N/A Map
Last update: October 20, 2017