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Corydon Osborne neighbourhood plan

The draft Corydon-Osborne Area Plan has been further edited in response to feedback received in May and June, and is now under review by the various committees of Council.  City Council must give direction to the Community Committee to hold a public hearing.  The public hearing will be the opportunity for members of the public to address decision-makers.  They can ask questions or register in support or in opposition to the draft Plan.  It is anticipated that the public hearing would occur in November.  The date and time of the public hearing will be advertised in both major newspapers. 

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The Need for a Plan
The Corydon-Osborne area is a neighbourhood of tremendous assets and tremendous opportunities. The introduction of rapid transit with a stop at Osborne and Jessie will support new, transit-oriented development in the areas near the station. Corydon will continue to see growth in the form of commercial mixed-use. And there continues to be interest in residential infill throughout the neighbourhood. The plan will be a tool to help mediate issues arising from change. It will guide decision-makers as they begin to implement the City's new Complete Communities Direction Strategy.

Objectives for the Plan

  • to implement key OurWinnipeg and Complete Community concepts and strategies at the neighbourhood level
  • to implement the policies of the Transit Oriented Development Handbook
  • to lay out a 20 year vision that capitalizes on the Osborne rapid transit station and the Corydon Avenue mixed-use corridor
  • to enable pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use infill development
  • to address sustainability issues

The Plan Area
Corydon Osborne Neighbourhood Boundaries


Community Engagement Process and Timeline

Timeline - short


Frequently Asked Questions


Studies, Resources and Policy Framework

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Last update: September 15, 2014

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