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December, 2012

Missing Person – Shenelle Bestley – R12-135250 - Located
Commercial Robbery Arrests – C12-260469
Commercial Robbery – C12-260773
Residential Fire – C12-261490
Firearm Seen – C12-261879
Arson Arrest – C12-262042
Commercial Robbery – C12-262326

Homicide Investigation – C12-251963
Financial Robbery Arrest - C12-256765
Commercial Robbery – C12-260365
Male Wanted – Christopher Thomas Hastings - C12-256228

Fire - C12-259850

Fatal Motor Vehicle Collision Update – C12-258418
Festive Season Checkstop Program - Week #3 Results
Residential Fire – C12-259013

Update - Stabbing – C12-243335
Fatal Motor Vehicle Collision – C12-258418
Fatal Motor Vehicle Collision Update - C12-257917
Commercial Robbery – C12-258299
Commercial Robbery – C12-258299
Public Advisory – Telephone Scam

Fatal Motor Vehicle Collision C12-257917
Suspicious Person C12-256629

Assault with a Weapon – Arrest C12-256952
Financial Robbery C12-256765
Commercial Robbery C12-256981

Update - Posters In Downtown Area – Investigation – R12-94319
Community Notification - William Rupert ASTLE
Commercial Robberies– Arrests C12-255797
Financial Robbery C12-256228

Commercial Robbery – C12-255513
Public Advisory – Fraud Investigation R12-131677

Missing Person - Bernard Lopez C12-252231 - Located
Festive Season Check Stop Program - Week #2 Results
Financial Robbery – Arrest C12-254524
Utter Threat – Arrest C12-254373

Commercial Break & Enter, Officer Involved Shooting Update – C12-253529
Commercial Robberies Arrests – C12-253521
Suspicious Male – C12-253772
Cadet Community Day

Commercial Break & Enter, Officer Involved Shooting – C12-253529
Homicide Investigation – C12-251963
Sexual Assault – C12-253364
Strong-Arm Robbery – Arrest - C12-253149

Suspicious Male – C12-251680

Homicide Investigation – C12-251963
Aggravated Assault Arrests – C12-250351
Fire - C12-251903

Missing Person – Chantelle Beardy – R120126311 - Located
Public Advisory- Holiday Season Consumer Safety
Drug Investigation – Arrests C12-249831
Commercial Robbery – C12-251130
Suspicious Male – C12-250828
Female Wanted Arrest - C12-250698

Theft Investigation – Arrest R12-130492

Pixels For Pistols Program A Huge Success!
Stolen Vehicle – Arrests C12-248707
Commercial Robbery C12-249268

Pixels For Pistols Program A Huge Success!
Stolen Vehicle – Arrests C12-248707
Commercial Robbery C12-249268

Missing Person – John (David) Cole C12-248502 - Located
Festive Season Checkstop Program - Week #1 Results
Strong Arm Robbery Arrests – R12-129880

Fire – C12-248177

Update - Utter Threats Investigation C12-187850
Commercial Robbery C12-247304

Missing Person – Norman Brad Lambert (Brad) R12-120839- Located

Public Advisory - Suspicious Person(s)
Assault C12-245976

Serious Motor Vehicle Collision C12-245328
Utter Threats Investigation C12-187850
Serious Sexual Assault – Arrests C12-243092

Missing Person – Kira James-Sawka    R12-128108- Located
Missing Person – Braedon Lee Gordon– R120121265 - Located

Male Wanted - Darcy Trevor Stirling C12-243092
Missing Person – Dakota Daniels C12-242304 - Located
2012 Festive Season Checkstop Program
Financial Robbery C12-242948
Update - Stabbing – C12-243335
Residential Break And Enter – Arrest C12-241720

Stabbing – C12-243335

Stabbing - C12-242603

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