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August, 2012

August 31

Missing Person – Simone Sanderson: R12-86866
Assault with a Weapon – Arrests: C12-174352
Stabbing Investigation: C12-174245
Strong-Arm Robbery – Arrests: C12-173344
Mischief to Property – Arrest: C12-173504

August 30

Serious Motor Vehicle Collision Update: C12-172819
Commercial Robbery: C12-173310
Commercial Robbery: C12-172713

August 29

Winnipeg Police Service Downtown Safety Strategy
Serious Motor Vehicle Collision: C12-172819

August 28

Strongarm Robbery: C12-171754

August 27

Impaired Driving Arrest: C12-170462
Serious Motor Vehicle Collision: C12-171150
Strongarm Robbery Arrests: C12-169272
Serious Motor Vehicle Collision: C12-171150

August 26

Commercial Robbery – Arrest: C12-170138
Commercial Robbery: C12-169664
Shots Fired: C12-170473

August 25

Update - Commercial Robbery- Arrest: C12-153549
Stabbing: C12-169272
Assault with a Weapon: C12-169406
Commercial Robbery: C12-169463

August 24

Graffiti – Arrest: R12-81488
Commercial Robbery – Arrest: C12-168523
Stabbing: C12-168669
Motor Vehicle Collision – Impaired Driving Arrest: C12-168677

August 23

Shots Fired: C12-167963
Residential Robbery Update Arrests: C12-160289
Public Advisory - Electronic Control Device Cartridge Lost: R12-84358

August 22

Missing Person – Curtis Campbell: C12-162419 - Located
Break & Enter Arrests: C12-166882

August 21

Missing Person: Serenity Stefanishyn – C12-165711 - Located
Missing Person: Pritpal Signh – C12-1661281 - Located

August 20

Strongarm Robbery – C12-164258
Commercial Robbery – C12-165711

August 18

Financial Robbery Arrest: – C12-163483

August 17

Male Shot – Arrest - Update – C12-154021
Male Shot – C12-163037
Public Assistance Require – Motor Vehicle Collision — C12-102079

August 16

Graffiti Arrest :: R11-81108
Internet Luring, Sexual Assault Arrest :: R12-73894
Residential Robbery, Stabbing Investigation :: C12-162470
Commercial Robbery :: C12-162478

August 15

Assault with a Weapon Arrest :: C12-161479
Sexual Assault :: C12-161628
Fraud Arrest :: R12-70557 R12-18244

August 14

Aggravated Assault Arrests :: C12-160303
Firearm Search Warrant - Drug Arrests :: C12-159309
Fire :: C12-160972

August 13

Assault Investigation Arrest :: C12-159041
Indecent Act :: R12-79158
Residential Robbery Investigation :: C12-160289
Commercial Robbery :: C12-160129

August 12

Missing Person - Nora WILLIAMS :: C12-159419 - Located

August 10

Homicide Investigation - Update :: C09-273075
Aggravated Assault Investigation :: C12-153467 - Arrested
Aggravated Assault Arrest :: C12-139264
North End Community Forum on Arson
Suspicious Incident :: C12-158222

August 9

Residential Robbery :: C12-157007
Sexual Assault Investigation :: C12-156868
Financial Institution Robbery :: C12-155667

August 8

Kickin' It - Winnipeg Police Service Auxiliary Force Cadets Event
Tanya Jane NEPINAK Homicide Investigation :: R12-58535

August 7

Arson Arrest :: C12-154725
Fraud Arrest :: C12-154723
Public Mischief Arrest :: C12-153439

August 6

Fire Incident :: C12-154781
Shots Fired :: C12-154848
Commercial Robbery :: C12-154846
Motor Vehicle Collision - Update :: C12-154243

August 5

Serious Motor Vehicle Collision Arrest :: C12-138025
Commercial Robbery :: C12-153549
Male Shot :: C12-154021
M.V.C. Impaired Driving Arrest :: C12-154194
Motor Vehicle Collision :: C12-154243
Aggravated Assault Arrest :: C12-153467

August 4

Weapons Arrest :: C12-152915
Commercial Robbery :: C12-152596
Aggravated Assault :: C12-153467

August 3

Commercial Robbery Arrest :: C12-151673
Animal Cruelty Arrest :: C12-139140
Sexual Assault :: C12-152220
Missing Person :: Catherine SIDOTI :: R12-74359

August 2

Commercial Robbery Arrests :: C12-151673
Arson Arrest :: C12-151511
Financial Institution Robbery :: C12-150037
Suspicious Circumstances :: C12-151470

August 1

Commercial Robbery Arrest :: C12-150477
Child Abuse Imagery and Sexual Assault Arrest :: R12-73924

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