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City of Winnipeg
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Winnipeg Police Service


News Room – Inside the Winnipeg Police Service

(Donít) Push It
Please, donít push it Please, donít push it

Hey Winter Drivers! Winter Drivers! Hey Winter Drivers! Winter Drivers!

Slow down for this!

Ow! Winter Drivers! WPS is here!

(Now wait a minute, y'all
Winter driving ain't for everybody - Only the safe people
So all you baby-on-board sticker mothers, get on out there and drive - But drive safe, I said!)

WPS is here, and we're in effect
Asking you not to push it, Winnipeg!
Slowiní down in School Zones by day - then at night keeping impaired driving in check
C'mon Winnipeg, let's show the other prairie folk what we know
That we are the best when it comes to safe driving in winter snow. 
Please donít push it!

Ah, please donít push it Ė getting home safe is good
Ah, please donít push it Ė getting home safe is real good

Hey! Ow!
Please donít push it!

Oooh, baby, baby -  Baby, baby (X2)

Getting home safe is good
Please donít push it! (X3)

Yo, yo, yo, yo, baby-pop
Yeah, slow it down or get ready to skid.  
Get those winter tires on Ė or ya destined for the ditch 
Ya wanna get home, but the roads are slippery G, so hear our words like I wish you would! Now please donít push it

Donít push it, good? - Donít push it real good!
Donít push it, good? -  D-Donít push it real good!

Ah, please donít push it!- Drive up like this!

Unsafe drivers! You really got us going
We shake our heads and wonder what youíre doin!
Please, donít push it! 
Just Slow Down