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WPS Members Among Those Honoured at COPP Annual Gala

Members of the Winnipeg Police Service were proud to be on hand for the Manitoba Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP) Annual Gala, held October 25th.  The event is an opportunity to recognize the amazing work done by everyone involved in the program. COPP is designed to mobilize citizens to participate in a community-based crime prevention initiative in cooperation with the local law enforcement agencies.

This year’s event was extra special for our organization as two of our members Constables Diane Bernacki and Ari Mamott were recognized with the 2014 Manitoba Law Enforcement Outstanding Service Award.

Bernacki and Mamott serve as part of our Division 13 (North Winnipeg) Community Support Unit, and were nominated for the award by the by the North End COPP coordinator Annett Champion-Taylor and Provincial coordinator Tracy Proctor.   

“Ari and Diane are a team committed to empowering the community to make their neighbourhood as safe as possible.  They have demonstrated what true community policing needs to be in our neighbourhood,” Ms. Champion-Taylor wrote in her nomination. 

“Relying on citizen input, working together with the community, forming partnerships within the community, being creative in problem solving and sharing responsibility is what makes these officers ideal candidates for the Manitoba Law Enforcement Outstanding Service Award. 

“They have gone above and beyond to build real caring relationships – in particular with our newcomer population.   Ari and Diane make every effort to get updates on a weekly basis on issues of concern in the neighbourhood.  Both have taken time to meet and do presentations with our newcomer population.  Many people come here from other countries where the police are not trusted.  They are not seen as an agency you can go to or feel comfortable if you have a problem.  Ari and Diane are helping to break these barriers by connecting and building relationships with our newcomers.”

About the Citizens on Patrol Program

COPP AWARDSThe Citizens on Patrol Program is one of our most cherished partnerships.The main goal of the Citizens on Patrol Program is to be on the look-out for any suspicious or criminal activity, to record this activity and, where appropriate, to report such activities to the police. COPP members act as additional “eyes and ears” for their community and the police, which assists in reducing crime.

Neighbours, family and friends in dozens of Manitoba communities appreciate the willingness of COPP volunteers to actively prevent crime and improve safety in their neighbourhoods.
Currently, there are 72 groups in operation across Manitoba managed and staffed by dedicatedvolunteers.

Seventeen of those groups operate here in Winnipeg:

  • Powers Street COPP
  • Carriage Road
  • Country Club
  • Elwick
  • Gilbert Park
  • Inkster North End
  • Luxton Area
  • Point Douglas Safety Walk
  • William Whyte Street Patrol
  • Bunn’s Creek Community Patrol
  • Charleswood COPP
  • Norwood
  • Riverside
  • Marlene Street
  • VCCL Red River
  • Westboine Park
  • Westgrove

“(The Citizen on Patrol Program)is a proven example of an effective community policing initiative that provides an avenue for citizen involvement in a partnership with police,” said Deputy Chief Dave Thorne.

“The program embraces the belief that the police and the community must work together to identify and solve problems affecting the community.

“Community policing holds great promise for citizen participation, increased responsiveness on the part of the police to the concerned residents, and greater police accountability.”

Get Involved

Any individuals or groups who identify a safety concern in their community can consider establishing a local COPP group and can apply to join the provincial program.
Manitoba COPP will provide groups with support and resources - including the necessary equipment and training - to establish their COPP group.

Complete details are available on the COPP website.

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