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Anti-Theft Devices

The use of anti-theft devices are highly recommended, but remember, for the device to be effective you must use it and use it properly.

Anti-theft Immobilizer

An expert installer connects the immobilizer into your car's wiring system. It's completely hidden. The immobilizer arms itself automatically when you shut off your ignition and remove your keys. If a thief tries to start your car, the immobilizer automatically shuts down three key electrical circuits: engine, ignition and fuel supply. The result - your car won't start. Check the Manitoba Public Insurance website at for more information.

Note: some factory installed immobilizers can be defeated by the majority of auto thieves. This does not include after-market MPI immobilizers which are mandatory for approximately 100,000 Manitoba vehicles deemed Most At Risk. Certain factory immobilizers can give vehicle owners a false sense of security. Visit the Manitoba Public Insurance website for more information and the risk factors associated to your specific vehicle. Any vehicle capable of being stolen should be protected by an effective anti-theft device.

Steering Wheel Lock (Bar Lock)

Commonly referred to as a steering wheel club, this attaches to the steering wheel and blocks the ability to steer the vehicle. They can also stop the theft of the air bag. This tool can be enhanced with the use of a shield that makes it more difficult to cut the steering wheel and remove the bar lock. Thieves seldom attempt to defeat a steering wheel club as it is far easier for them to move on and target an unprotected vehicle. Each year numerous vehicles are stolen with a club inside the vehicle but not in use at the time of the theft. Do not assume that itís safe to leave your vehicle for a short period of time unprotected. Experienced thieves are capable of stealing many vehicles in two minutes or less. Each year hundreds of vehicles are stolen from shopping malls and other locations where owners were only gone for a short time. Putting on a steering wheel club can take only seconds, providing added protection and a deterrent to auto thieves.

Alarm System

Anti-theft alarm systems can be installed on your vehicle. Alarms can be wired to go off in any door, hood or trunk is opened and to detect any movement of the car. Contact your local alarm companies to find out which model best suits your needs.

Engine Disabler or Kill Switch

This well-hidden switch is installed so when turned on, it cuts power to your starter.

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