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Arson Awareness & Prevention Starts with You. Help ignite positive change – not fires – in our Community. Arson Awareness Week - May 1 - 7

Arson is a very serious problem, often producing devastating results. Businesses can TakeAction to reduce the threat of arson by following these suggestions:

Make Your Property Less Inviting to Arsonists

  • Keep the property well lighted at night.
  • Trim shrubs and trees to eliminate potential hiding places.
  • Paint the building white or use light coloured bricks so that intruders are more visible at night.
  • Secure all external ladders and stairways so intruders do not have access to upper floors.
  • Make your property as burglarproof as possible. Use good deadbolt locks on all doors and secure all windows. Install a burglar and fire alarm system. Do a perimeter check of the building at closing to ensure it is secure.
  • Erase graffiti and repair any minor vandalism as soon as possible. The more run-down your property appears, the greater its chance of being attacked by vandals or arsonists.

Keep Combustibles Out of Sight

  • Dispose of all garbage and refuse properly and get it off-site as soon as possible.
  • Store combustible materials, such as wood crates and pallets, away from all buildings.
  • Store chemicals and other flammable liquids properly, and restrict access to them by locking them in a fire-resistant cabinet when not in use.
  • Familiarize yourself with fire hazards inherent in common combustibles that your business may use (e.g., plastic packaging) or business processes, such as mixing of hazardous materials.

Practice Fire Safety

  • Install smoke alarms and automatic/tamper-proof sprinklers. Have them inspected and tested by a qualified contractor annually.
  • Develop a proper fire safety plan and ensure designated people are aware of their responsibilities for fire safety.
  • Educate employees about arson prevention and fire safety.

Remember, vigilance is the best weapon against arsonists. Report anything suspicious to police immediately by calling 204-986-6222.

Looking for Arson Prevention Tips for Citizens?


For more information about arson prevention, contact the Winnipeg Fire Department Fire Prevention Branch at 204-986-6358.


If you would like a Police Officer to provide a Power Point Presentation on this topic you can forward your request via one of three ways:
  • email your request to
  • fax your request to 204-957-2450
  • mail your request to:
    Unit Commander
    Community Relations Unit
    P.O Box 1680
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Canada R3C 2Z7
Due to demand, we request you contact us at least six weeks prior to the event. Most presentations are one hour in duration and handouts are provided. The presentation is free of charge - room to be supplied by the organization requesting the presentation, with a minimum of 20 attendees.

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