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The following summaries provide an overview and contact information for various programs offered
by the City of Winnipeg.

Preschool Programs – You provide the kids, we provide the setting and activities.
Call 311

  • A wide variety of preschool programs to suit a young child’s interests and a parent’s busy schedule.
  • From parent and child drop-in facilities to developmental/educational and fitness/sport programming, there are plenty of
    activities to fit your child’s personality at a time that fits your agenda.

Cartown - Where all 4–7 year-olds are licensed to drive!
Cartown is designed to teach children about driving safety in an entertaining, realistic town setting.
Each session includes games and songs, pedestrian safety and road safety instruction.
A driver’s license is issued at the end of each session. Click here for the Cartown schedule.

Click to view a pdf copy of the current Leisure Guide

Children’s Programs – Designed to pique your child’s interest in a setting where he or she
can develop new skills and abilities.
Call 311

  • Creative programs include creative arts and dance.
  • Sports activities include martial arts, gymnastics and other popular sports.
  • Wide variety of children’s programming to suit every child’s needs and every parent’s budget.
  • Children's Drop-In Programs - various locations and FREE of charge!

Summer Camps

  • Creative programs for both children and youth.
  • Variety of program areas such as creative arts, sport, fishing, free play and golf.
  • Click here for Summer Camp information
Youth – Participate in activities, get fit and make new friends.
  • Registered Programs
    Call 311
    • Youth in grades 6 -12 (unless otherwise specified).
    • Variety of program areas, such as creative arts, sport, dance, cooking, education and pottery.
    • Refer to the youth registered programs section of the Leisure Guide.

  • Youth Action Centres
    Call 311

    • Youth in grades 7 - 12 (Some sites cater to preteen; refer to leisure guide for details).
    • Onsite activities include basketball, volleyball, crafts, floor hockey, board games,
      badminton, video games and special events.
    • Free Programs for Youth
      Free youth swim information click here

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Click to view a pdf copy of the current Leisure Guide

Active Living for Adults – Being physically active is essential to good health.
Call 311

  • Features a wide selection of entry level and advanced fitness, dance and sport programs.
  • Information sessions to help you adopt a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Programs specifically designed to contribute to your overall well-being
  • Personal Trainer Considerations:
    • The City of Winnipeg and the Manitoba Fitness Council (MFC) have developed key points to consider when utilizing Personal Trainers.
    • Click for more information


Adult Leisure – Something for everyone.
Call 311

  • If you want to renovate your home or yard – we can help!
  • If you want to discover some new recipes – we can help!
  • If you want to learn to sew, knit, make mukluks, paint, invest, play guitar,
    take a great picture, work with clay – we can help with these and many more activities.


Older Active Adults – Stay active!
Call 311

  • Being physically active is essential to health at all ages.
  • A variety of leisure programs, active living programs, and senior centres.
  • Designed for adults 50+ years old.

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Family – Promoting family time together.
Call 311

  • An environment where you can spend quality family time together.
  • Family-oriented programs including pottery, cooking, fitness and crafts.
  • Dates and times vary.
Services de loisirs en français – Parlez-vous français?
Call 311 for French programs and French swim lessons
  • A variety of French Preschool, Children, Adult and Family programs are available. 
  • Participants must be fluent in French to participate.
  • For French Skate program descriptions, cliquez ici
  • For French Swim program descriptions, cliquez ici
Services de loisirs en français – Parlez-vous français?
Appelez le 311 pour les programmes en français
Appelez le 311 pour les leçons de natation en français
  • Nous proposons une variété de programmes en français pour les préscolaires,
    les enfants, les adultes et la famille.
  • Les participants et les participantes doivent parler le français couramment.
  • Pour des renseignements sur les cours de natation en français, communiquez avec la piscine Bonivital.
  • Pour une description des programmes de patinage en français,cliquez ici .
  • Pour une description des programmes de natation en français,cliquez ici .


Click to view a pdf copy of the current Leisure Guide


Special Needs and Deaf Services – Designed to assist individuals of all ages with special needs to
participate in the recreation programs and services.

People who have special needs or who are deaf are invited and encouraged to participate in all
Community Services-sponsored programs offered within the Leisure Guide. Programs are modified, as appropriate, to suit individual needs and to ensure a positive recreation experience.

  • Special Needs Inclusive programming:
    • Special Needs Inclusive programming provides opportunity for participants to register and
      attend a mainstream program.
    • Participants who require additional support to successfully experience registered programs
      are encouraged to attend with a caregiver.
    • Qualified participants without access to support may request an Attendant
      from the Department.

      Requesting an Attendant

      To qualify for an Attendant, a participant must have a physical or
      developmental disability and cannot require assistance toileting or the administration
      of medication.
      • Participants registered in leisure, sport and fitness programs (not including swim lessons):
        • Email your request for an Attendant for participants in registered
        • Please include the name of participant and the course name and number they are registered in.
        • You will be contacted prior to the start of the course
          to confirm your request.

    • Requesting a Sign Language Interpreter
      A participant can request a sign language interpreter to participate in the program.
      The interpreter is paid for by the Community Services Department in accordance with the
      City of Winnipeg Sign Language Interpreter Policy.
      • Participants registered in leisure, sport and fitness programs (including swim lessons):
    • A “Trailrider” is a revolutionary mobility device that provides unparalleled access possibilities for persons with a disability. The Trailrider is lightweight and maneuverable; it carries its occupant across rugged terrain, over snow, sand, rocks and trails. Please note: the Trailrider is not motorized or self-propelled; assistance is required.
        • The City of Winnipeg has a Trailrider available for loan.
        • Please contact us for free loan information.
  • Click to view the Adapted Services Listing

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Leadership Development
Call 311
Leadership Development courses are available for on-going registration.

Aquatic Instructor Courses
Successful completion of Aquatic Instructor courses certifies registrants to be swimming Instructors. 

  • Red Cross Courses offered include Red Cross Assistant Water Safety Instructors Plus;
    Red Cross Water Safety Instructors; and Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Recertification.
  • Lifesaving Society courses offered include Lifesaving and First Aid Instructor; Lifesaving and First Aid Instructor Recertification.
First Aid & CPR
Train to respond to emergencies!
Many employers and volunteer opportunities require certification in first aid and CPR.

We offer Red Cross First Aid and CPR courses. 
  • Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED- 8 hour course introducing basic first aid skills and CPR/AED;
  • Standard First Aid & CPR C-  16 hour course providing comprehensive first aid and CPR/AED training;
  • Recertification courses are offered for both Red Cross Standard First Aid & CPR C/AED
    and Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED;
  • CPR/AED courses instruct participants in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillators (AED)  Certification course - 6 hours;
    Recertification course – 4 hours. 
Lifesaving and Lifeguarding courses
Successful completion of Lifesaving/Lifeguarding courses teaches water proficiency: first aid skill; and emergency recognition and response.
  • Lifesaving Society levels offered Rookie, Ranger, Star, Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion,
    Bronze Cross and Distinction.
    • Finished Bronze Cross and looking for your next Lifesaving challenge?
      Now that you've learned essential water rescue skills register for the
      Lifesaving - Distinction course to increase and enhance your rescue skills and fitness.
      The 25 hour Lifesaving - Distinction course gives you opportunity to practice advanced water rescues and stay fit as you prepare for NLS or Lifesaving and First Aid Instructor course. An endurance swim of 700 meters in 14 minutes is required for successful completion of this level.
      The expectation is that lifesavers must perform every item with 'distinction'.
      100 % attendance and participation is recommended. Prerequisite: Bronze Cross.

      Don’t wait until you are 16 to further your lifesaving skills- register for Lifesaving - Distinction today!

  • National Lifeguard Service Pool course – the minimum standard for Lifeguards in Manitoba
  • Recertification of National Lifeguard Service Core & Pool course

In addition to our extensive list of fitness classes we offer Manitoba Fitness Council courses which certify successful registrants to be Fitness instructors. 

Personal Wellness
Personal wellness programs are a variety of free lectures aimed at improving quality of life through exercise.  Topics include Arthritis, joint replacement, Fibromyalgia and many other health and fitness related topics.


Skating Lessons – Learn the fundamentals of the sport.
Call 311

  • Learn-to-Skate program offers ten weeks of lessons with an emphasis on fun and progressive skill development.
  • Trained instructors teach the various skills associated with each skill level.
  • Learn-to-Skate program has four skating categories:
    Basic Skating, Figure Skating, Power Skating and Hockey Skills—each category has multiple levels.
  • Wondering which level to register your child in . . . . click to view the skate program descriptions

    To participate in the Learn-to Skate program, please note the following:
    • A proper fitting CSA approved hockey helmet is mandatory for all children’s and adult’s Learn to Skate programs.
      Please note: This includes parents who are participating in the Parent and Cub programs.
    • Sharpen hockey or figure skates prior to the start of lessons. New skates also require sharpening.
    • All children should wear mitts or gloves. Layers of warm clothing are recommended. Snow suits are appropriate for preschool-aged children
Public Skate – Want to get the kids out of the house or take a few spins around the rink?
Call 311
  • Printable copy of the Public Skate Schedule at City-operated arenas
  • Public skating opportunities are available at 14 City-operated arenas in Winnipeg.
  • Times and dates are subject to change without notice at all locations.
  • We strongly recommend the use of a proper fitting CSA-approved hockey helmet
    with a mask for all age groups
  • All City run public skating sessions are free of charge.

    Due to safety and liability concerns, we are unable to accommodate wheelchairs, strollers, sleds or toboggans on the ice during public skating sessions.

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Click to view a pdf copy of the current Leisure Guide


Swimming Lessons
Swimming is a life skill; register to learn to swim for safety, fitness and fun.

Aquatics - swimming lessons have 3 categories: Learn to Swim, Lifesaving / Lifeguarding courses & Specialty programs

  • Participants must be minimum age by the course start date
  • Programs are offered at a variety of times throughout the year at many pools
  • Certified, trained instructors teach all classes
  • Wondering how the levels fit together? View the swim program continuum

Learn to Swim Registration

Visit Go to leisureonline or the for all Learn to Swim course information - days, dates, times and locations.

Step 1

Prior to Registering > Select the Learn to Swim level that best fits the participant's needs

We offer Learn to Swim lessons for all ages and skill levels.

If you are uncertain on which level to select, we recommend you use the following criteria to make that selection:

  • Participant's Age - Learn to Swim programs are offered for Preschoolers (6 months - 5 years), Kids (6 - 17 years), Teens (10 - 17 years) and Adults (18 years+).
  • Participant's Current Swim Skill Level - detailed descriptions of prerequisites and skills taught in each level for each age group:
      • Preschoolers (6 months - 5 years)
      • Kids (6 - 17 years)
      • Teens (10 - 17 years) & Adults (18 years+)
      • **Please note the name of the level(s) you are interested in - you will use that information in Step 2 when searching for course codes
  • Choose your class size - Premium classes are offered for Swim Kids 1 - 10; these classes have a lower student to teacher ratio

If you are still uncertain, please visit one of our pools during public swim and our friendly staff can assess you or your child's skill level and recommend which Learn to Swim level to register in.
Please note that all public swim admission entry requirements apply.

Step 2 Prior to Registering > Search for and note the course codes for courses of interest

Once you have determined the level(s) you plan to register in, it is time to select the course codes for available courses at the pool(s) of your choice. As you prepare to search for and note course codes, we recommend you consider which Day(s), Times(s) and Facilities you are interested in.

Check Swimming for All Ages - the interactive guide listing swim course codes.

We recommend that once you have opened the Course Catalogue, you take advantage of the Advanced Search option on the right side of your screen.

The Advanced Search option allows you to limit the courses displayed to the Days and Facility of your choice.

Key the name of the Learn to Swim level into Keywords to limit the courses displayed to the level of your choice.
**Using the name of the level(s) as noted in Step 1.


Step 3 Using leisureonline to register

We recommend that you log into your Family Account once you have accessed Go to leisureonline. Once you have opened your Family Account, open the Course Catalogue and key in your noted course codes.

Please note that the student to teacher ratio for Preschool levels is always very small and courses fill quickly. Your best opportunity for a successful registration experience is to have multiple courses selected on various days or times.

Click for more "How to Register" and "When to Register" information and visit the Help section of Go to leisureonline.

In addition to our regular classes:
Premium classes have fewer students and are priced accordingly. These courses are suited to people wanting smaller classes and lower student to teacher ratios.

Red Cross Swim- People with disabilities
classes are available for individuals with developmental, cognitive and/ or physical disabilities. These classes focus on developing sound water safety skills.  They are designed to follow Red Cross Swim programs and provide an opportunity for supervised water activities.

Red Cross Swim-Private
classes are for 1 student per instructor.  Services will be customized to provide opportunities for candidates to participate in Red Cross programs or to improve specific stroke/skills.

Red Cross Swim- Semi-private classes are for 2 students of like age and ability per Instructor.   Class time will be customized to provide opportunities for candidates to participate in Red Cross swim programs or to improve specific strokes or skills.  For safety reasons and to ensure these are successful classes they are designated by age: 6-12 years; 13-17 years; 18 years and older and by swimming ability: level 1-3 (are primarily in shallow water); levels 4-10 are primarily in deep water.

Leadership Development courses offered include Rookie, Ranger, Star, Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, Distinction as well as First Aid and CPR.
Successful completion of Lifesaving/Lifeguarding courses teaches water proficiency: first aid skill; and emergency recognition and response.

First Aid & CPR courses prepare you to respond to emergencies!
Many employers and volunteer opportunities require certification in first aid and CPR. We offer Red Cross First Aid and CPR courses.

Public Swim
Call 311

A great opportunity for family outings; swim for fitness or come to play.

Swim times are available at 12 indoor pools and 10 outdoor pools.
Times and dates are subject to change without notice at all pools.

There are 7 types of swim times offered: public admission requirements apply to all swim times.

  • Public Swim: designated time for safe activities for everyone;
  • Lap Swim: designated time for safe fitness swimming in lane formations;
  • Free Swim: designated time for safe activities for everyone; no admission fees apply;
  • Loonie / Toonie Swim: designated time for safe activities for all people that meet admission requirements, admission fee for under 18 years is $ 1.00; admission fee for 18 years and over is $2.00;
  • Family Swim: designated time for safe activities for families, adults must be accompanied by children and children must be accompanied by adults;
  • Adult Swim: designated time for safe activities for people 18 years and over;
  • Youth Swim: designated time for safe activities for swimmers 9 - 19 years of age.

    Indoor Pools
    | Outdoor Pools

  • Admission requirements
  • Height requirements
  • Admission rates

Sport Programs in Inner City Neighborhoods (SPIN)
A FREE sports program designed for children who are 6-14 years old and who reside in inner-city neighborhoods.
Call 311

SPIN enables eligible children to participate in sports and to learn basic skill development, sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership and fair play in a non-competitive environment. As an initiative of Live SAFE, a crime prevention policy developed by the City of Winnipeg,

SPIN tackles some of the barriers that inner-city children face when they want to participate in
sport programs by providing transportation, financial, equipment, leadership and volunteer supports































































Note About Facility Accessibility – Every effort is being made to upgrade the accessibility of swimming pools, arenas, community centre and other recreation facilities operated by the City of Winnipeg. The degree of accessibility may vary from facility to facility.

For further information on City of Winnipeg facilities, call 311. We will direct your call to the appropriate facility.

Last update: 04.11.2013

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