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2011 By-Election
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Voter Information

Voter Eligibility

School Trustee

A person who is a resident of Louis Riel School Division (Ward 2) or Winnipeg School Division (Ward 1) is eligible to vote if they are:

  • a Canadian Citizen
  • 18 years old or older on By-Election Day, November 26, 2011
  • a resident of the Louis Riel School Division since May 26, 2011 (for persons in Louis Riel School Division, Ward 2)


  • a resident of the Winnipeg School Division since May 26, 2011 (for persons in Winnipeg School Division, Ward 1)

The following determines the residency of a person:

  • is a resident of the place where he/she has his/her ordinary residence, and to which he/she intends to return when away from it;
  • may be a resident of only one place at a time;
  • does not change residence until he/she has a new residence.

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