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News Releases

2004 News Releases

Plowing continues on city streets

WINNIPEG - JANUARY 17, 2004 - Plowing crews made good progress overnight in the city's latest snow clearing operation. Graders cleared approximately 90% of Priority I (Regional) Streets and the balance will be cleared Sunday night.

The Major Snowfall Parking Ban has been lifted effective 06:01 am this morning. The ban had prohibited parking on all Snow Routes between the midnight and 6 am.

Plowing has now shifted to Priority II (Collector) Streets with completion expected late tomorrow morning.

Priority III (Residential) Streets will be plowed beginning around noon tomorrow. To aid plowing, the Residential Overnight Parking Ban has been declared effective midnight tomorrow. This ban prohibits parking between midnight and 6 am on all streets that are not designated as Snow Routes. Cars parked during the prohibited times are subject to being ticketed. The ban will remain in place until lifted by the Director of Public Works. (e.g. Vehicles parked, on a street affected by this ban, on Sunday evening (Jan 18th.) must be removed before midnight.)

"The overnight parking ban helps our crews to do a good job," says Patti Regan, Acting Director of Public Works. "But during these major snow clearing operations our crews plow around the clock, therefore, we urge those citizens that can, to park in off-street parking places during the day and evening as well as overnight."

Plowing of residential streets is expected to be complete by Wednesday evening.

Truck plowing of Priority III streets fronting schools will occur (in advance of grader plowing scheduled later in the week) to ensure the condition of these streets is improved prior to Monday morning classes.

Plowing of all categories of sidewalks is ongoing - Priority III walks should be completed by next Friday.

Hauling of snow from bridges and streets with limited storage capacity will continue for the next couple of weeks and crews will continue operations to remove or reduce the size of snow piles at intersections where visibility is impaired by the piles.

Motorists are reminded the Snow Route Overnight Parking Ban, prohibiting parking on Snow Routes between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., remains in effect until March 1, 2004.

Last update: 21.01.2004

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