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News Releases

2004 News Releases

Mayor gives State of the City Address

WINNIPEG - JANUARY 15, 2004 - "We're a minority shareholder in our principal source of revenue," Mayor Glen Murray said today in his State of the City Address.

"We've got to tax more at the end of consumption — foster the creation of wealth, employment, and re-distribute those resources," Murray told a Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce audience of more than 900 people.

"We've heard from Winnipeggers (on a proposed New Deal). They think this is important."

In a yet to be released poll, 77 per cent of Winnipeggers surveyed agreed there's a need to make some radical changes if the city is to attract and retain people. Another 87 per cent said it's important to invest more in infrastructure.

Infrastructure is not just a Winnipeg problem, the Mayor said, adding other Canadian cities are also faced with deteriorating roads, sewers and buildings because they were all built around the same time — about 50 to 60 years ago.

Winnipeg needs to spend $188 million more on its infrastructure, but citizens have given civic government a clear message - they don't want their kids to have to pay the bills, Murray said.

The Newer Deal, or as the Mayor referred to it as "The Citizens' Deal," is about where we go from here - how we can achieve our high and lofty goals.

It must start with the "Five Es" of Taxation:

  • Economy — Does the tax encourage or discourage enterprise, growth in productivity and job creation?
  • Equity — Does the tax affect people in proportion to their ability to pay?
  • Environment — Does the tax discourage or encourage sustainable development, resource conservation and pollution prevention?
  • Ease of administration — Is the tax easy to administer and collect? Is it easy for citizens and businesses to understand and to comply with?
  • Efficiency — Are citizens getting value for their tax dollars?

"We share a vision for this city and a passion," he said, adding all citizens have a role to play.

Last update: 21.01.2004

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