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2003 News Releases

Fall street sweeping program begins

WINNIPEG - October 17, 2003 - The city’s fall cleanup of streets will begin Monday, October 20 and will target highly treed areas of Winnipeg, where accumulation of leaves is particularly heavy.

“During the cleanup operation our crews will be transporting the majority of leaves they collect to the city’s composting site at the Brady Road Landfill, says Bruce McPhail, Manager of Streets Maintenance, “we encourage citizens to help out with the cleanup by raking and bagging the leaves adjacent to their properties and transporting the bags to one of the nine ‘leaf-it-with-us’ leaf recycle depots throughout the city.”

Motorists are advised that temporary “No-Parking” signs will be placed in areas where parked cars pose a problem to sweeping.

The cleanup will involve approximately 60 pieces of equipment and is expected to take 2 weeks at a cost of about $320,000.

For information on ‘leaf-it-with-us’ leaf recycling depot locations and hours of operation please call 311, or the Talking Yellow Pages at 784-9000 code 9813, or visit the City’s Web site at
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