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Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service

Frequently Asked Questions - Selection Process

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How long is the selection process?
Unfortunately, there isn't a set time frame to follow as the hiring needs of our department fluctuates and are dependent on outside factors such as retirements, funding, city growth, legislation, etc. It may be necessary for us to "speed up" or "slow down" our process in order to meet operational needs. You may be asked to participate in one or more tests in a short period of time or you may need to wait a period of time until sufficient resources are available.
How often should I expect to hear from the recruitment personnel?
We attempt to keep you informed and current with information as it is relevant to the status of your file. It is your responsibility to keep us informed if you have a change in contact information or if you will be unavailable for a period of time (i.e. on vacation, out of the country, etc).
Do you accept out-of town applicants?
Yes. However, be aware you will be required to travel to Manitoba to participate in the different tests, sometimes with little advance notice. Any costs associated with travel and/or relocation expenses are your own responsibility.
I have completed additional professional certifications. Do I have an advantage?
Not necessarily. We accept applications from people from all walks of life and assess their files based on individual skills, experiences, attributes, values, etc. Applicants are measured on their ability to meet / exceed our standards rather than how they compare to other candidates.
Can you recommend courses to take to better my chances of being selected?
Due to the competitive nature of the assessment process, we do not counsel or provide recommendations to potential applicants on how to increase their competitiveness. For a list of Primary Care Paramedic training institutions which are accredited by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) please visit CMA. For a list of Fire training institutions which are accredited please visit IFSAC and/or PROBOARD.
Why do candidates pay fees to participate in the hiring process?
As a municipal organization, our department must be fiscally responsible for managing funds we receive through taxes. To ensure there are enough resources to provide emergency response services, applicants testing procedures must run on a cost-recovery basis. All fees assigned to a specific step in our process are non-refundable and will be required before you can participate in that step.
Will I be notified if I am determined to be ineligible for the next step in the process?
Yes. We will notify all applicants of their standing in the process by email. Although we will attempt to notify all candidates as soon as they are disqualified you may not receive an email until the recruitment process is complete.
Why wouldn't you accept another application if you've closed an applicant's file permanently?
Our recruitment process is highly competitive and designed so that all applicants can prove their abilities. The department's objective is to select individuals we believe are the best suited to provide emergency services in Winnipeg, now and for the future. Decisions are based on the qualifications and suitability of each applicant. Organizational and job fit are vital to success in these professions. When it is determined an applicant cannot, did not and is unlikely to meet our standards in the future, the applicant will be considered unsuitable for the position. As such, each applicant will be given three (3) attempts in the opportunity to compete in our recruitment process. It is felt that continuing to assess an unsuitable individual is neither cost-effective nor respectful to that person, recognizing that there is a cost to apply to any recruitment. If an applicant is unsuccessful after the three attempts, they will be given a lifetime deferral letter advising that any future applications for employment will not be considered with our Service.
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Last update: May 2, 2017
Important Information
PLEASE NOTE: We anticipate conducting a recruitment for Firefighter Paramedics, and Firefighters shortly. Please continue to watch for upcoming information and changes to our website.
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